Certified Learning Providers (CLP)

Video 1 Certified Learning Providers (10m) – Video 2 1st Telephone Appointment (5m) – Video 3 Making The Right Decision (20m)

If you watch the videos above, they will provide you with a useful Executive Summary of the services that Appleton Greene provides Learning Providers. More detailed information is available to you if you click on the tabs that are located beneath the application form. To apply for a position as a Certified Learning Provider (CLP), please click on the appropriate application form below and then follow the instructions accordingly.

(CLP)Telephone Conference Call

If you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a Telephone Conference Call with an Appleton Greene Authorized (CLP) Professor, in order to discuss your proposed Unique Program Proposition (UPP) in more detail, then please CLICK HERE.

Certified Learning Provider (CLP) Application Form – Click Here To Apply